One of the most important issues facing entrepreneurs is how to scale and one man who has managed this very successfully is Tom Keogh, Founder and CEO of Keogh’s Crisps. Growing up in the family business, he credits this with exposing him to a business environment from an early age.

So what’s the secret of his success? “We were the first people on the market with gluten free products just at the beginning of the trend and we produced very high quality goods.” Exports are very important to the company, with 15 per cent of sales exporting to 14 countries.

Entrepreneurs face a problem in funding growth, he says. “Funding can be difficult to get and it’s hard to scale if you don’t have access to large capital.” It is also important to focus on exports from early on as Ireland is a small market.

“It’s very important to have a product you can sell in many markets,” he says. “Get good and experienced people into the business early on and establish processes that ease up growth in the business – for example, a sales process so that you are managing every aspect from an early stage.”