Aer Lingus is one of Ireland’s most iconic brands and is loved by travellers in Ireland and far beyond. The airline flies to over 100 destinations across the globe, including 11 direct North American destinations. It’s worth noting that Aer Lingus also has the highest proportion of female pilots in the industry.

What travel enthusiasts may not be aware of, however, is the extent of the IT infrastructure that backs up Aer Lingus services.

IT graduate, Alexandra Goudot, has gotten an insight into this when she signed up to do an IT graduate programme with the company, after completing a Higher Diploma in Computing, a Bachelor of Business in International Management and a Higher Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management.

“I always wanted to work for an airline and Aer Lingus had a lot to offer on their graduate programme.

“You really get to see all the different technologies that are being used, and all the different services working together. It opens your eyes to the fact that there is so much going on behind the scenes of an airline that you don’t see from the outside. People naturally just think of taking a flight, the planes up in the skies, but there is so much before you even get to that point in terms of the booking process, the airport experience and, due to continued advancements in technology, it’s an ever-changing world”


Enhancing experiences


Aer Lingus today is a digital company – more than 90 per cent of its business conducted on the island of Ireland is done online.

Last year, Aer Lingus became the first Irish airline to receive a 4-Star rating from Skytrax, the international air transport rating organisation. In order to achieve this, the company made significant investments to enhance its guest experience, including enhancing its mobile and digital offering.

Alexandra has gotten to see these efforts up close, as part of the IT graduate programme, working on many different aspects of the business.

“I‘ve been fortunate enough to work on a wide range of projects from managing databases, the launch of our new loyalty programme AerClub and many more such as an internal application for pilots.

“At the moment I’m working on our accessibility project, to make our whole website accessible for people with visual, motor, auditory or cognitive disabilities.”



A new job


Alexandra is preparing to take up a role as a Junior Software Developer with Aer Lingus in September – a role she feels the graduate programme has prepared her for very well.  She will be working on the website, which receives up to four million visits per month; over one billion euro is transacted through the site annually.

“I will be working on the user interface, creating new functionalities or updating current ones.”

For Alexandra, her work is all about making things easier and more convenient for the consumer.

“Time is precious nowadays. Technology can really help save you time – whether it’s an easy-to-use website or mobile app, or self-serve express bag drop at the airport.

“I know myself, when I travel, I like when everything is made easy. This is very much the driver for change at Aer Lingus – engaging new technologies to make travel as simple and enjoyable as possible.”


Learn more:

Aer Lingus has a longstanding and proud heritage as one of Ireland’s most iconic brands. Having been recently recognised as Ireland’s only 4 star airline we are continuing to focus on innovation, development and continuous process improvement. We employ over 4,500 people in a wide variety of roles across Head Office and the Operation.  We will be welcoming 8 graduates across the business in September as part of our 2017 Graduate Programme, in addition to 10 Apprentice Aircraft Engineers. We also regularly recruit experienced professionals into Digital, Engineering and Flight Operations as well as Analysts into a wide variety of departments across the business.

Full details via where you can view open positions and learn more about Aer Lingus.