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Emma Harte

CEO, TellUsFirst

Every business needs an easy and effective way to hear from their customers. This will lead to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Every business should seek customer feedback. “After all, without customers, you don’t have a business,” says Emma Harte, CEO of customer experience platform, TellUsFirst. “By listening to what customers have to say, you can quickly identify and address any issues. Ultimately, this will improve customer satisfaction and lead to higher customer retention.” 

Research has shown that only 4% of customers will typically complain to a business, 96% won’t complain and 91% will simply not return. Therefore, retention is equally as important as the customer experience itself. 

Quick way to increase customer satisfaction 

Not all customer feedback is bad. In fact, most isn’t, stresses Harte. But when customers are unhappy and amplify their frustrations online, the reputational fallout can be severe. “It’s unfair because, if customers verbally express their dissatisfaction in-store, you have a chance to rectify the issue. When a business gets a bad review online, there is no second chance.” 

TellUsFirst is an online customer feedback platform that allows customers to leave feedback and empowers businesses to act quickly and easily. It offers businesses multiple feedback channels to suit their business model. 

Unhappy customers can be contacted within minutes so that any problems can be addressed offline. “Businesses find that if an issue is dealt with or even just acknowledged swiftly, customer satisfaction increases,” says Harte.  

Unhappy customers can be contacted
within minutes so that any problems
can be addressed offline.

Convenient platform for customers and businesses 

The platform offers various channels to capture customer feedback effectively, including QR codes on point-of-sale materials or receipts in-store, customer feedback prompts on a website and more. This data can be monitored in real time. 

Customer feedback has evolved in the last decade, leaving behind lengthy paper surveys. TellUsFirst, with its smartphone-based approach, pioneers the future for new-age shoppers. “This feedback can affect real, positive change,” says Harte. “Being able to hear the ‘voice of the customer’ by giving them a platform to engage with is vital to improve customer service and retention.”  

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