Young business man looking at trading charts reflecting in glasses, close up.
Digital Transformation Q3 2023
Supporting small firms to grow and scale our digital economy
To respond to the challenges and opportunities of a digital economy, small businesses must have access to finance. Irish micro or small businesses are currently operating in a rapidly evolving business environment, where embracing digital technologies has become increasingly important for competitiveness and to support the economy to transition to net zero. To create and … Continued
Reducing the cybersecurity risks for successful business networking
Ensuring internet and telephony systems are secure with high levels of connectivity is paramount as businesses continue to evolve post-pandemic. Firms across Ireland are urged to ensure their connectivity and cyber security are optimised. With staff often working in a hybrid model (from home and the office), continuity of internet and telephony networks with security … Continued
Digital Transformation Q3 2022
Accelerating health benefits and solutions for Irish citizens and economic growth
From a standing start, Ireland has made remarkable progress in establishing a vibrant digital health SME system. Digital health is recognised as a new discipline providing great potential to transform the healthcare system. Despite outstanding performance in economic growth, digital deployment (Ireland is fifth in the EU DESI) and outstanding clinicians, the Irish healthcare system … Continued