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Farha Fathima (pictured)

Senior Data Modeller, Bank of Ireland

As companies invest in learning and technology, colleagues expand their skills at pace.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the team at Bank of Ireland, particularly in the area of data and analytics as we are on a transformation journey for our customers in how we are utilising data.

What I enjoy most about my role is that no two days are the same. I develop the data structures within the Bank’s Enterprise Data Warehouse by integrating all of our data sources into one simplified format. I have to understand where the data is coming from and interpret how all data sources relate to each other. I then provide this information in a digestible manner to key stakeholders.

I have had the opportunity to continuously learn and upskill as the technologies I need to do my job evolve.

Impact on customers and organisations

I love seeing the impact that the work that we do as a team is having on the organisation and our customers. Utilising cutting edge technology, such as Informatica Power Center, Teradata SQL and Tableau, we interpret, cleanse and model data for many teams across the company.

For example, we are currently interpreting and modelling data for multiple teams across the organisation which will enable them to help relevant customers keep track of their financial wellbeing. This collaboration across the Bank allows us to serve our customers in a data rich, informed manner.

I’m very proud that the Bank is investing in both colleagues’ learning journey and also in the technologies we use to further enhance our data and analytics capability. I started working in IT 14 years ago and my main background was in business intelligence and data modelling. When I joined the data team two years ago, they supported me to take part in a data analytics programme to upskill for my role. I have had the opportunity to continuously learn and upskill as the technologies I need to do my job evolve. I am now certified by the Analytics Institute as a Data Analyst.

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