Change is coming, and it’s coming fast. Globally, women's self-perception is shifting. Here in Ireland, we are happy to report that women in business are right at the forefront of this cultural change. Irish women are waking up at lightning speed to realise their strengths, what is important to them and to how they want to live and work today.

"Remarkably, companies led by women at the CEO level have been shown to deliver 14 per cent more ROI."

Remarkably, companies led by women at the CEO level have been shown to deliver 14 per cent more ROI. Perhaps it is not surprising to then learn that women have specific skills, talents and gifts that are hard-wired for success. These unique feminine distinctions are both psychological and biological and are evident in the way women operate in business. Our work with our clients has shown us that women are particularly designed to be natural networkers, collaborators, communicators and leaders. 

It is now time for Irish women in business to step forward into natural leadership roles, claim powerful feminine attributes they naturally hold and consciously, confidently live their lives in a way that includes their values and strengths.


Our top 7 keys for beginning this journey are:

  1. Creating your best self is an inside-job, one that requires inner reflection and a commitment to change. Look within to begin.
  2. As a woman, you are designed naturally for collaboration, relationship building, communications and leadership. Which of these areas is your strongest? Begin to consciously engage this power and lead with it now.
  3. Recognise that you are unique and have a personal contribution that cannot be replaced. You are here for a reason. Reflect and notice your uniqueness today!
  4. Learn about, and claim, the natural and powerful feminine attributes that you already have.
  5. The art of self-leadership begins with self-care. Consciously make time to nourish yourself and look after you personal needs. If you were to choose one need for today, what would it be?
  6. Never fear change. It is your friend. Look for opportunities to stretch yourself and fully show up in the New Year.
  7. Women need community. Learn the value of communicating authentically to create trust and more powerfully influence relationships.  


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