How does engineering improve people's lives?


"My title is Director of Operations and Plant Leader for our additive manufacturing (3D-printing facility), but my role is as a leader in the organisation. I am responsible for running the additive manufacturing business but, more importantly, the growth and development of the team.

"Over my career I have had a variety of roles, each of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have worked in operations, research and development, as a design engineer and in quality, all at various levels. This has allowed me to see and experience different aspects of the business.

"My current role allows me to use all the knowledge and experience I have gained over my career, to be successful in dealing with the variety, challenges and required pace. The technological advancements we are making in healthcare and 3D-printing are phenomenal. We are paving the way and influencing this area in the medical device industry. What most people would find surprising, is how quickly we are implementing these disruptive technologies into stable manufacturing. We supply hundreds of thousands of patients and surgeons around the world. Stryker is driven to make healthcare better.

"You work to the best of your ability because you know that your best helps people and saves lives. My personal strengths include focus, maximising opportunities and being a high achiever. These are innate and part of who I am. Being at the forefront of delivering patient solutions that enhance quality of life and drive better surgical outcomes is very rewarding. In my role, I ensure that we can manufacture and commercially supply the product to the market consistently. We achieve this by stabilising new technological advances, driving reliable supply, delivering the highest quality and producing the product on-time.



"We often receive customer feedback – and even visits – and patient testimonials in support of our work. It is so satisfying and exciting to know you have made a difference and you had a part to play in each story."