Vice President and Head of EU Regulatory Affairs, Regeneron


Muriel O’Byrne


“Strong female role models have featured constantly in my life. I had an excellent biology teacher in school – Mrs. Sheehan – who instilled in me a genuine excitement about the subject. I followed my passion all the way to a doctorate in neuroscience and a successful career in biotech. I was also given phenomenal opportunities by other female leaders that led me to where I am today. Embracing these opportunities required self-belief, which was drummed into me by my mum. I hope to inspire other women by my own achievements. My advice is to trust yourself and don’t let anyone say no for you.”



Associate Director, Quality Assurance, Regeneron


Sarah Whelan


“I am one of six daughters, with no brothers so, growing up, I had no experience of gender bias or there being a difference between what boys and girls could do. My sisters and I were told we could do anything. Focus on your education. Assert your independence. These are the values my parents emphasised.”



Associate Director, Process Sciences, Regeneron


Laura Callinan


“From my maths and science classes at my all-female school through university and now here at Regeneron, I’ve been inspired by the brilliance and support of strong female leaders.

I now have a successful career in STEM, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without the paths forged, examples set and encouragement provided by those before me. I feel strongly that we have an obligation as women to support one another.”