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Artificial Intelligence 2024

Ways to future-proof your career by embracing AI

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Mark Kelly

Founder, AI Ireland

Concerns about job security amid shifting professional landscapes are widespread. However, AI presents unprecedented opportunity. Explore and embrace AI to benefit your career.

As the Founder of AI Ireland and a Co-Founder of an international AI staffing firm, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 600 AI leaders. This unique position has afforded me a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in keeping pace with AI advancements. My experience emphasises adaptability and forward-thinking in navigating AI.

Embark on educational pursuits

Start with the basics. Pick up a book in the local library, and take advantage of free AI courses available online, such as ‘AI Fundamentals’ or ‘Introduction to Generative AI.’ These resources are invaluable for beginners and can set a strong foundation for understanding AI concepts and applications.

Experiment with AI tools

Dive into hands-on learning by experimenting with products like ChatGPT or GitHub Copilot. These tools offer practical experience in generating text, summarising information and analysing data — skills that are increasingly important in various roles.

Connect AI with your career

Search your job title and AI on YouTube, and watch how AI is reshaping your role and industry. This can offer insights into the potential impact of AI on your career and inspire ideas for adaptation and growth.

Identify aspects of your role that
could benefit from automation.

Engage with the AI community

Attend AI conferences, such as the AI Awards in November, to witness the innovative applications of AI across fields. These events are a goldmine for networking and learning from others’ experiences, showcasing how AI solves complex problems.

Initiate AI projects

Identify aspects of your role that could benefit from automation. Collaborate with colleagues from different departments to understand how automation could enhance efficiency across the board. Present these findings to your leadership, highlighting the opportunities AI presents for reducing manual effort.

Seek guidance and mentorship

Mentors have played an important part in my life. Finding an AI mentor can accelerate your learning curve and provide guidance on implementing AI solutions effectively. Their experience and insights can be instrumental in navigating the AI landscape.

Explore entrepreneurial ventures

If you’re not feeling fulfilled in your role, consider joining an AI startup or even starting your own. The skills you possess may be highly transferable and valuable to a startup environment. Programmes like ‘New Frontiers’ can support budding entrepreneurs in securing funding and bringing their AI innovations to market.

Moving into the future working with AI might feel overwhelming. However, the opportunities to reimagine your role are exciting; embrace this nervous energy.

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