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Shane Casey

Managed Services Manager, Infinity IT

Dan Kenny

Founder and Director, Infinity IT

IT experts with over 20 years of experience have helped businesses plan their defences against cyberattacks by helping to make companies’ IT systems more resilient.

“The cybersecurity landscape has shifted dramatically in the last 20 years,” explains Dan Kenny, a founder of Infinity IT, an expert in providing Managed IT and Security Services to a diverse base of customers in Ireland.  

Thinking ahead of potential cyberattacks 

“Medium to large companies are more likely than ever to engage a managed security services company to assess the risks and come up with solutions to potential cyberattacks. This is very important because, without robust systems, an attack can be extremely damaging to a business.” 

“We can see that organisations who have fallen victim to a cyberattack suffer severe disruption to their operations,” adds Shane Casey, Managed Services Manager at Infinity IT. 

“According to the 2023 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, prominent ransomware attacks impacted enterprises, governments, airlines, hospitals, hotels and even individuals causing widespread system downtime, economic loss and reputational damage. Several industries faced large year-over-year increases of ransomware volume, including education (+275%), finance (+41%) and healthcare (+8%).” 

Cybersecurity is not simply a function of the IT department but of the whole company.

Shane Casey

Creating cyber-secure systems with clients 

“There is a realisation at board-level that cybersecurity is not simply a function of the IT department but of the whole company,” says Casey. “By coming directly to us with their concerns, we are able to provide solutions for companies to mitigate their cyber risk.” 

The IT and security services expert has helped a range of businesses, from financial institutions to SMEs, using the same methods across the board. “We work on identifying areas of cyber risk, including information security and data protection. From our experience in the financial services sector, we have learnt a lot about managing complex systems and are able to provide best-in-class cyber protection solutions, giving companies value for their investment,” explains Kenny. 

Forming good habits 

Many smaller businesses cannot afford to appoint an IT manager, and instead, they engage Infinity IT to manage their cybersecurity. “A good cybersecurity culture is vital in empowering staff to be one of the most important elements of cybersecurity within your business,” explains Casey.  

“We meet with clients regularly, providing reports on the status and performance of their IT and security systems. We also discuss any developments in cybersecurity with them and recommend action where appropriate.” 

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