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Dan Hegarty

Head of Sales, HCS

Security challenges have increased dramatically with the rapid evolution of the modern workplace and the introduction of hybrid and more flexible work practices.

Employees who suddenly needed to work remotely were likely doing so on unprotected networks and, in an effort to cater for this new reality, the first port-of-call was to beef up device security with full monitoring solutions such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). 

Working without SASE 

Organisations have quickly moved away from physical office infrastructure; and with the now widespread adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to support the decentralised workplace, many are using their applications directly in the cloud and often without sufficiently protecting their users, devices and critical data. In turn, the role of the firewall as the barrier between an organisation’s network and outside threats has been somewhat overlooked or remains tied to physical networks or infrastructure.  

HCS is an accredited Fortinet partner and
reduces risk by building security into
everything it manages for customers.

Single-pane visibility  

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology incorporates a suite of security services that bring remote users and devices back into the security fold. SASE reimagines the traditional firewall for the modern workplace by offering a cloud-based firewall which provides control and visibility of all device connections and creates a single gateway to the organisation’s network.  

This also integrates with a background app which continuously assesses for potential threats and vulnerabilities. Effectively, SASE enables organisations to fully manage their cybersecurity even more easily and comprehensively than when everything sat behind an on-premise perimeter. 

Other SASE features include Zero Trust Network Access which enables tighter access controls to data and applications, as well as advanced endpoint protection which works hand-in-hand with cloud-based firewalls. In addition, SASE provides internet access policies, data loss prevention and full control over third-party SaaS applications. The solution can also extend into and connect branch offices, providing single-pane visibility of all users and devices running through the cloud. 

Protecting critical data 

HCS and Fortinet are enabling organisations to comprehensively manage their cybersecurity and benefit from the flexibility that the cloud has to offer with a SASE product suite , underpinned by Fortinet’s leading FortiSASE software. The proactive and cost-effective solution is ideal for modern Irish businesses that use or have migrated to SaaS applications and operate a hybrid work approach. HCS is an accredited Fortinet partner and reduces risk by building security into everything it manages for customers. 

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