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Enterprise Ireland – Global ambition from the get go

Enterprise Ireland, entrepreneurs in Ireland
Enterprise Ireland, entrepreneurs in Ireland

IrishEntrepreneurship is hugely important to the Irish economy. Todays Irish entrepreneurs are tomorrows business leaders and disproportionately drive job creation.

Joe Healy Enterprise Ireland, entrepreneurs

Joe Healy

Divisional Manager with Enterprise Ireland with responsibility for high potential start ups

Think global

Ireland is a small country. While that can mean that there is a small domestic market, it’s gives Irish entrepreneurs a real advantage. It does so by changing their mindset, those with real ambition have to think global from the get go. This means they are thinking how they can win customers internationally. Also, how they can scale their business. Equally, in a world where the dynamism of the global economy, this is a real advantage.

Build your team and enterprise Ireland

Being a successful entrepreneur is not a solo game. To attract talent, investment and customers means that you have build a team that compliments your passion and expertise. The good news is that there is a very vibrant ecosystem. There are lots of networks, meeting spaces, incubators and accelerators. While it can be a confusing landscape, Enterprise Ireland is focused on supporting early stage companies. This includes through their scaling journey by providing early risk capital, mentors, business development advice. It also includes support and access to key networks and training programmes especially through our 33 overseas offices.

Now is the time

Enterprise Ireland provides equity support to over 200 new early stage companies every year. Ireland has built a reputation for developing innovative and high potential start up companies. In particular our tech companies, our fin tech companies, our medical device and life science and med tech companies are building an increasingly impressive international reputation for their quality of their businesses and ambition of their entrepreneurs. Ireland is seem increasingly as a beacon for supporting female, Irish entrepreneurs. So now is the time for Irish entrepreneurs to take the plunge to set up their dream business, tonnage big dreams and to go global. Enterprise Ireland’s door is open to support you.

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