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David Maher

Managing Director Ireland, H&MV

By continuing to invest in engineering teams and nurturing existing talent, companies can build a strong foundation for their continued success.

With over 25 years of experience, H&MV Engineering is a global provider of Specialist Design, Engineering and Construction Services across key sectors including data centres, renewable energy, transmission and distribution utilities, globally.

Nurturing engineering talent with skills initiatives

David Maher, Managing Director, Ireland says: “Investing in and nurturing talent is very much part of our culture and is evidenced by our talent and skills initiatives such as our high voltage apprentice development programme and engineering graduate programmes.”

The company’s tailored Apprentice Development programme is designed to provide apprentices with the ideal forum to learn and develop the skills and knowledge required within the high voltage specialist industry through mentoring, encouragement and assessment.

“I’ve had a hugely fulfilling career to date, starting out with an electrical apprenticeship which has been the foundation for my career progression. It gave me the opportunity to learn key skills while gaining an understanding of the industry which has also been a pathway to continue my journey in education,” says Maher.

As a people-first, value-led business, we aim to develop our employees’ skills and abilities, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Continuous learning for engineering staff

The commitment to staff’s individual evolution and personal development is continually reinforced and evidenced by strong internal progression and promotion initiatives.

“As a people-first, value-led business, we aim to develop our employees’ skills and abilities, allowing them to reach their full potential,” says Maher, who is currently completing a Masters (MSc) in Business at UCD Michael Smurfit Executive Development.

“My hope to continue cultivating our employees skillsets with a dedicated focus on continuous improvement, sustainability and safety, while working in an open, enjoyable atmosphere.” 

Growth for every person and part of the business

H&MV Engineering currently employs more than 500 people throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East and is continually recruiting Ireland’s best and brightest — with the unique opportunity to further their careers in Ireland’s niche specialist engineering industry as well as emerging growth sectors such as Offshore Wind and Biofuel Generation.

As part of the senior management team leading H&MV Engineering into the next 25 years, Maher concludes by adding: “Our leadership team are fantastic advocates of personal development for all in H&MV, continuing to ensure the growth and innovation within the organisation, from the CEO to the newest apprentice.”

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