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John Delves

Managing Director, Magnet Plus

In an increasingly integrated and digitalised world, the importance of reliable connectivity and robust backup solutions for businesses cannot be overstated.

As businesses increasingly rely on digital communication tools and cloud services, connectivity has never been so important. This digital revolution has highlighted a critical need for robust connectivity, dependable backup solutions and greater data-processing capacity.

“Since companies returned to the office last year, we’re seeing a significant shift in bandwidth usage across our network as businesses expand their capacity to meet their needs,” says John Delves, managing director at Magnet Plus.

Why businesses need a robust backup solution

As the reliance on digital infrastructure has grown, so has the awareness of the potential pitfalls. The necessity of having a backup connection has come to the forefront, which means having a dependable option that can seamlessly take over in the event of any disruption to the primary connection. A recent survey from Magnet Plus revealed a glaring gap in preparedness, with up to 80% of Irish businesses lacking a backup solution.

As businesses increasingly rely on digital communication tools and cloud services, connectivity has never been so important.

“Businesses shouldn’t have a basic residential type of broadband product because if that goes down, think about the productivity impacts. Think about the reputational impacts. Think about the customer experience. It’s essential to build a suitable connectivity solution, no matter how big or small the business is,” says Delves.

“For example, if a retail chain loses connectivity and doesn’t have a backup for their primary connection, then they will lose the ability to take payments, especially now with so little cash being used. It’s lost business,” he adds.

Surge in demand for more bandwidth

The demand for connectivity and backup solutions is only going to increase across all industries, both to improve business efficiency and to meet regulatory requirements. “The trend continues to grow, and what happened in the last few years just continues to build and accelerate. As solutions become more sophisticated and products become highly engineered, businesses need more bandwidth from companies like us. It’s a never-ending demand,” concludes Delves. “We’re planning ahead and have the sufficient capacity and services across our core network to meet this demand.”

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