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Cormac Reid

Founder & CEO, ROCTEL

Ensuring internet and telephony systems are secure with high levels of connectivity is paramount as businesses continue to evolve post-pandemic.

Firms across Ireland are urged to ensure their connectivity and cyber security are optimised. With staff often working in a hybrid model (from home and the office), continuity of internet and telephony networks with security against hacks has grown in necessity.

Targeting vulnerable businesses

Industry leader Cormac Reid suggests hackers are now moving on from major enterprises and have set their sights on mid-market companies that may be vulnerable to online security breaches.

Digital transformation has accelerated as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to change the business landscape. Reid says companies and retailers must now “catch up” to ensure their systems are fully accessible for customers and staff — and with high levels of security.

Businesses that are slow to respond could face costs and risks in terms of security breaches, poor connectivity and loss of revenue. “The market is changing so fast, and the major driver is digital transformation,” says Reid.

“The challenge for the enterprise,” he continues, “is to make sure systems meet the changing connectivity and continuity of service requirements.”

The market is changing so fast, and the major driver is digital transformation.

An escalating need for security

Cyber security is a “massive challenge” for companies, says Reid, who is the founder and CEO of ROCTEL. While major organisations such as transport and health systems enhance cybersecurity with professional networks, hackers are targeting mid-market and smaller firms. This sees data locked and only released upon payment of a bitcoin ransom of tens of thousands of euros.

“Companies can no longer ignore this threat,” he continues. “If they think that an antivirus is going to do it for them, or they are too small to be targeted — they are sorely mistaken.”

“And companies that pay up, rather than step up security, leave themselves vulnerable to future cybersecurity breaches,” adds Reid, who pointed to an Irish government campaign warning of the cyber risk.

Having the most secure tools

ROCTEL’s Cyber Defence system is an aggregation of tools ensuring that individual endpoints in a company’s network are secure, whether in-office or at home, anywhere in the world.

It embraces the SASE — secure access service edge — concept as an integral part of the protection, with cloud networking and cybersecurity delivered in one package. It runs alongside the company’s ROCSOLID concept, ensuring high availability and benefits from CISCO technologies to maintain services in case of technology outage.

Reid says “ROCSOLID is an end-to-end service that encompasses security, connectivity, monitoring and availability.”

ROCTEL is a telecoms and mid-market managed service provider and longstanding partner of Cisco Systems. Learn more at

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