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Neil Phelan


A storage solution supports traditional and modern workloads and helps SMEs to accelerate their digital transformation.

Many Irish companies urgently need to move to overhaul their ageing IT infrastructure as rivals undergo the process of digital transformation. It can bring many benefits to companies of all sizes including reducing operating costs, improving productivity, more easily meeting compliance requirements and delivering a better experience for customers.

Risky delays

The other side of the coin is that firms that don’t move forward risk getting left behind or losing a hard-earned edge on their competitors. The biggest motivator for engaging with digital transformation is the need to survive, especially in the current business climate.

There can be a temptation for busy IT managers and business owners to push the need for digital transformation to one side, faced with seemingly more urgent matters. This tendency to investigate it only when there is extra time without recognising it as a priority is problematic because the time to do it may never be more convenient.

Smooth transition

It’s important that firms remember that digital transformation is not a single solution, but a set of tools and systems to run a business more efficiently.

Digital transformation won’t happen overnight. And when it does, it does not necessarily mean big, sweeping change across the business. With the right strategy, it involves minimal disruption, brings staff along on the journey and utilises systems and solutions that are already in place.

The biggest motivator for engaging with digital transformation is the need to survive.

Storage solution

Dell Technologies and HCS, through their PowerStore storage solution, provide customers with the IT infrastructure they need to digitally transform.

The storage system can accelerate digital transformation by supporting ‘traditional’ and modern IT workloads across a variety of formats and locations.

HCS uses secure-by-design principles to ensure that it significantly reduces risk by building security into everything. It enables customers to maximise their business performance through professionally managed technology and, having been in business for nearly a quarter century, HCS has an in-depth understanding of Irish businesses and what they need to succeed.

Firms need a way to deal with data that may be stored in different locations and to access the right data in ‘real time’ — that is what PowerStore offers. It is customer-centric and flexible enough to change as the market demands.

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