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Terri O’Donovan

Digital & Technology Site Lead, Janssen Sciences Ireland

Incorporating digital transformation into your business strategy is a must for future growth and success.

Why is it important to digitalise your business? 

Janssen Sciences Ireland UC, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, has been operating in Ringaskiddy, Cork since 2005. The site manufactures cutting-edge medicines for immunology and oncology patients. 

Customer expectations are changing rapidly. All Johnson & Johnson teams work together to bring better products to our customers and patients through the use of digital innovation. Together, we are all building digital capabilities that make our supply chain more efficient, resilient, reliable and sustainable.

How can we prepare for the future? 

Simply by building the right capability. We developed a ‘Workforce of the Future’ Program to build digital capability, change management and problem-solving skills. This program has supported the continued professional development and training of our team.

We created the first Digital & Technology function at our site as a pilot for the Global Janssen Supply Chain. As well as a roadmap to enable our 2030 vision of becoming a more predictive and adaptive plant. 

The team has created visibility through outreach, trust through delivery and transformation through technology.

We have built a digital ecosystem by partnering with industrial and academic partners to advance our journey. We are delighted to be part of the Enterprise Digital Advisory Forum where we can contribute to the National Digital Strategy by providing information from the pharmaceutical industry.

What can we do? 

Know what the business needs. We defined some key technologies needed to meet our 2030 vision. One of these was ‘In-Line Conditioning technology’ which the company was awarded the 2022 US-Ireland Research Innovation Award in the Category Enabling Technologies.

To raise awareness, we hold our Digital & Technology month in September. This gives the organisation an opportunity to learn what is being advanced through our digital journey.

When people are interested in learning more and upskilling, it truly enables digital transformation. Janssen Sciences Ireland UC was awarded the World Economic Forum Global Lighthouse status in March 2020 and the Sustainable Lighthouse status in March 2022.

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