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Louise O’Gorman

Centre Manager, Advance Centre

As technological change accelerates, Irish professionals face mounting pressures to stay ahead. However, two constraints often hinder progress: time and cost.

The Advance Centre offers flexible, accredited, agile learning solutions designed to fit into busy lives while providing substantial financial support.

Flexible learning for time-conscious professionals

Finding the time to upskill or reskill can be difficult. Our offerings include single modules or microcredentials and short accredited programmes tailored to foster digital transformation across various sectors such as health, cybersecurity and manufacturing.

This modular approach allows learners to fit part-time learning into their work–life balance. Flexible learning pathways ensure you can achieve your goals without compromising professional commitments. We offer online and blended learning formats. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever it suits.

Financial support is part of our mission to remove economic barriers and empower professionals across Ireland to advance their careers.

Making learning affordable: up to 80% fee subsidies

While time is a crucial factor, the cost of education is also a challenge. We are committed to making upskilling and reskilling accessible. For many of our courses, starting in September 2024, we are offering learner fee subsidies of up to 80%. These are supported by the Higher Education Authority through the Human Capital Initiative Pillar 3 funding.

This financial support is part of our mission to remove economic barriers and empower professionals across Ireland to advance their careers. We make high-quality education and training accessible, enabling more individuals to harness digital transformation.

Join the movement towards a brighter future

The Advance Centre offers a range of accredited modules and programmes across its three partner colleges: UCD, ATU Sligo and TU Dublin. It is a centre of excellence for teaching and learning where you can:

  • Gain an accredited national qualifications framework (NQF)/microcredential that you may count towards a full award.
  • Previous modules may be used as recognition of prior learning towards Advance Centre degree programmes.
  • Equip yourself with the latest in-demand skill set, tools, know-how and knowledge to succeed in your career.
  • Gain a competitive edge, influence growth and steer strategic goals in your organisation upon completion of your studies.
  • Learn without limits with a wide choice of flexible study options.
  • Tap into our extensive network and links with industry and enterprise on a national and international level across numerous business sectors.

By addressing the two main barriers of time and cost, professionals can better access and approach upskilling and reskilling. Don’t let these challenges hold you back. Seize this opportunity to invest in yourself and your future.

For more information on our flexible learning options and to explore the financial support available, visit

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