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Jennifer Gallivan

Head of Talent Acquisition, Deloitte

The Future Leaders Academy is a graduate programme optimised for today’s social and economic context, focusing on client impact. It is enhanced based on feedback from graduates, businesses and clients.

Deloitte’s Future Leaders Academy (FLA) is a multi-award-winning graduate programme that develops the next generation of leaders and consistently delivers an exceptional growth experience for graduates.

Graduate programme inspires collective growth

“We believe that our people are impressive individually, but together, they’re inspirational — this philosophy starts with the FLA. The programme is designed to encourage graduates to be curious, share their perspectives, find new ways to face complex challenges and discover their purpose. It sets the foundations for a career that inspires and energises and allows for continuous growth both professionally and personally,” notes Jennifer Gallivan, Head of Talent Acquisition.

Early engagement and real-world experiences

At Deloitte, engagement with graduates begins well before their journey with the firm. A dedicated early careers team maintains a year-long calendar of university engagements on campus. The company offers cooperative placements and summer internships — the first two steps of the Future Leaders Academy — to students in their second and third year of studies. These immersive and innovative real-work experiences provide students with their first taste of what a full-time role at the company is like, setting them on the path to becoming the next generation of leaders.

“As a Co-op, I have gained real-life insights into what it is like to work in a big four professional services firm. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much of an impact I can make on client projects even during my short time here.”


Daniel Cooney

Work Placement (Tax), Deloitte

“What I like about interning at Deloitte is getting to work on real client engagements and the number of educational opportunities provided to us. I did not anticipate that interns would be assigned much work on clients, but by day six, I was applying the audit skills mentioned in training to a client file. It’s a very hands-on experience; I am learning a lot!”


Amy Jennifer Kennedy

Summer Intern (Audit and Assurance), Deloitte

The graduate journey to lifelong learning

The company’s graduate journey is meticulously crafted to provide support towards professional qualification at every step. In year one, the focus lies on onboarding, integration and connection, as graduates embark on an immersive expedition while forging meaningful connections with colleagues. Year two marks a period of exploration and expansion, where graduates put their newly acquired skills and capabilities to the test.

Year three is dedicated to focus and flow, enabling graduates to develop expertise and delve deeper into their chosen industry. Year four signifies a pivotal moment, as graduates reflect on their career progress and learn to lead inclusively and purposefully. Finally, year five is the culmination of the journey, where future leaders step into the roles they have diligently prepared for.

What makes the FLA graduate programme different?

  • It focuses on building leadership capability for the future, offering all graduates a permanent contract.
  • It is a multi-award-winning graduate programme recognised by gradireland and The Irish Accountancy Awards.
  • Rewards and benefits include a market leading professional services salary, immediate access to paid private health insurance and a pension scheme from day one with matching employer contributions.
  • Enhanced professional and financial education support is provided through comprehensive study leave and focused learning and development programmes.
  • Ongoing performance feedback on client assignments drives improved advisory skills.

Graduates build successful careers

A significant number of our graduates choose to remain with the company and advance their careers. The majority of our Partners and senior leadership team emerge from the graduate programme. Although some graduates explore other industries, Deloitte alumni have leveraged the skills they gained here to advance their careers.

“Joining as a graduate has been fulfilling. Collaborating with industry-leading clients and interacting with senior team members has been invaluable. The remarkable camaraderie within the team has made my experience even more enjoyable.”


Sam McFarland

Audit and Assurance Associate, Deloitte

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Applications open September 2024.

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