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Gary O’Flynn

Managing Director, Esus E-Learning

One of Ireland’s leading providers of bespoke e-learning solutions is working with global brands in Ireland and internationally, including the US, UK, Middle East and China.

Established in 2004, Esus E-learning provides core services to clients, transforming their static content into highly interactive and engaging e-learning material. Static content can take the form of a PowerPoint deck, a training manual, a company policy/procedure, and more.  

Delivering efficient e-learning material  

According to Managing Director, Gary O’Flynn: “Before clients engage with us, they may have been delivering training on a face-to-face basis or simply uploading static material to an internal intranet site for passive consumption. These options have limitations including being a drain on internal resources, low levels of engagement and intangible ROI.” 

Esus repurposes clients’ source material for self-paced, online delivery. As part of that repurposing, they provide an end-to-end solution including instructional design, graphic design, video production, 2D and 3D animation, voiceover, project management and translation.  

Depending on a client’s specific need, the final deliverable can be one or a blend of different learning solutions provided in a standalone or blended format. These can take the form of courses, animations, videos, games, infographics and virtual reality.   

“Often, we end up delivering a solution that’s a blended combination of those (ie. a finished project may include video, animation and gamification),” says O’Flynn.  

We take pride in our ability to produce engaging, creative and innovative e-learning solutions.

Tailored e-learning solutions for any industry 

Because the company scripts, designs and develops everything in-house, they can guarantee the finished product is a 100% fit for the client. O’Flynn adds: “I’m proud to have built Esus into a highly reputable company that has the pleasure of working on global projects, reaching millions of users, with multinational and large organisation clients.” These span a range of industries including healthcare, public sector, pharmaceutical, entertainment, medical device, food and drink and cybersecurity.  

When asked what he sees as their key differentiator, he says: “We take pride in our ability to produce engaging, creative and innovative e-learning solutions that bring clients’ content to life. Creating memorable content is at the core of what we do. We develop content that engages users — content people want to consume.” 

Learning that inspires behaviour change 

The key is working with clients at the outset of a project to identify the key success metrics and then build the most appropriate solution to affect the required behaviour change.   

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Testament to this are three very different e-learning projects that the company carried out, each with a unique metric of success. From creating 66 pieces of bespoke learning content to reaching 100,000 users with engaging learning materials and driving a massive €1.4M cost savings for a client, these projects underline the transformative power of effective e-learning solutions.   

Discover more at about how the content development agency is driving digital transformation in the e-learning space.

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