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Teresa Lewis

Ireland Country Representative & Business Development Executive, Mauve Group

The risks for Irish firms considering setting up in a new market overseas can be minimised and profits maximised by using an expert Employer of Record solution.

Whether a small SME or a large multinational, there are a range of third-party services for companies across Ireland who are considering overseas expansion. These services are underpinned by industry experts who can conduct research into international markets as well as offer advice and support. Businesses utilising these services can access insider knowledge, explore new markets and build compliant global solutions that match their business needs. 

Remote employee support

This is where Mauve Group comes in. The company started out in 1996 as a mechanism to support telecoms engineers who travelled internationally for work projects. The services it provided snowballed and, over the past 26 years, Mauve has helped remote workers and organisations access 150 countries. The group’s core offering is called Employer of Record.

It permits organisations to test a new market and assess whether that market is right for them.

As Teresa Lewis, Ireland Country Representative and Business Development Executive for Mauve Group explains: “When setting up in a new market, you have to learn the employment law requirements for that country, then source employees, a payroll process, find a local bank account etc, which can be time-consuming for businesses.

With an Employer of Record, we hire your staff in-country on your behalf, through our own entities. You still manage the day-to-day tasks of the worker, but we have the experts in compliance, HR, legal and payroll for each country.”

Testing out new markets

The Employer of Record package has proved popular with firms over the past five years. It has helped firms overcome the impact of ‘the Great Resignation’, Brexit and the trend for remote working.

It permits organisations to test a new market and assess whether that market is right for them. It also provides firms with opportunities to set up new overseas hubs and regional sales representatives without their own entity.

Setting up in Ireland

Mauve set up in Ireland in 2018. After the UK voted for Brexit, there was interest from firms wishing to move to Ireland for an English-speaking EU base. It was also thought that the health of the Irish economy meant there would be a growing number of Irish firms seeking access to overseas markets.

There is a lot to be gained from utilising Employer of Record services for businesses looking to keep up in the global competitive marketplace. As globalisation and remote work become the new normal, this type of service will continue to surge in popularity.

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