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Liam Faulkner (pictured above, left)

CEO, Strategic Power Connect

A renewable energy developer in Ireland is working to help the nation secure sustainable energy with its new leadership.

An energy supply and renewables expert, Liam Faulkner, is appointed as CEO of Strategic Power Connect (SPC). Their mission is to help commercial and industrial businesses access affordable, renewable and secure energy while meeting tightening decarbonisation legislation. 

Affordable and sustainable energy 

The company designs and installs on-site renewable energy systems to enable major energy users to reach their sustainability goals. Users can secure energy supplies at a set price through a power purchase agreement, ensuring costs can be managed and energy price spikes avoided. It also ensures security and provenance of supply by producing energy on-site and removing reliance on the grid. Crucially, it offers a fully funded model where users can avoid upfront capital costs, as well as offering an outright sale option. 

We have already uncovered huge demand
for our offering from large energy users
looking to reduce their energy costs.

Providing renewable energy sources 

Faulkner’s appointment marks the next stage of growth for the company, as it plays a central role in global decarbonisation by helping large energy users access affordable and secure renewable energy. “I’m proud to have joined Strategic Power Connect, a company which is playing a major role in decarbonising industry. At a time when large energy users are under pressure to reach increasingly demanding sustainability goals, reduce costs and ensure security of supply, our offer is innovative and timely. 

“Couple that with the fact we can provide on-site renewable sources for no upfront capital expenditure, and SPC makes a compelling case.” The company was founded by Paul Carson in reaction to growing concern for energy provenance, ESG and climate change. It is part of the Strategic Power Group, which also houses Strategic Power Projects, an all-Ireland renewable energy company established to support ambitious government plans to reduce emissions through the development of large-scale solar photovoltaic and better energy storage systems. 

Goals and meeting sustainability targets 

Carson says: “Liam is a true expert in the renewable energy field and will help us to expand our reach to high-energy users, both locally and further afield, and to play our part in global decarbonisation. 

“We have already uncovered huge demand for our offering from large energy users looking to reduce their energy costs while, more consciously, making their transition to decarbonise their energy outputs. With Liam’s leadership, we will be able to help industry and other large energy users to bolster their resilience, meet emissions targets and secure a more prosperous and sustainable future for all.” 

The Strategic Power Group is a market leader in renewable energy development in Ireland, with a background in planning and site development since 2003. For more information, visit 

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