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Donal Murphy

MD, Bluestone Motor Finance

The Covid-19 pandemic reshaped the world in which we live and work. We have seen workplaces transform, facilitated by digitisation and social change, as people sought more flexible and hybrid working patterns.

As a business that has embraced this thinking, our hybrid work model at Bluestone Motor Finance has seen us emerge as a multi-award-winning organisation. We leverage our digitisation programme which enables our highly regarded team to deliver our service to every client.

Promoting flexibility and financial wellbeing

For us, hybrid working is not just our team coming into our office for a limited number of days each week; it is about how we combine technology and people to assist our customers to achieve good financial outcomes.

At Bluestone, we operate across the credit curve in providing motor finance. Frequently, we choose to help people that other lenders may have declined by working to understand them and their capacity to fulfil a financial commitment by going beyond simple credit scoring.

A car is not just about the freedom I craved as a young man; it is about safety and certainty.

We help people with an established credit history; those who have been refused finance in the past or have a complex or limited credit history; self-employed; and SMEs. People with these profiles are all around us.

Safe and secure commuting

In today’s 24/7, flexible, hybrid environment, we recognise the need to be flexible to meet the significant change in working patterns. For example, people increasingly work outside of the traditional nine-to-five. Commuting by public transport out of hours may not be possible, or people may feel unsafe walking alone or at night.

A car is not just about the freedom I craved as a young man; it is about safety and certainty. For those familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it equates to fulfilling the need for security and safety.

The reality for many businesses is that if we, at Bluestone, can go the extra mile to help one of their team to commute safely by financing their car, we are helping to future-proof their employment, sustaining their ability to get to work. We can also enable the flexibility many require to combine increasingly hectic social and working lives and personal commitments.

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