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Julie Kehoe (pictured above, left)

Technical Card Brand Manager, Elavon Europe

Tracy Rowan (pictured above, right)

Credit Manager, Elavon Europe

New staff at any company will give an insight to its real culture. However, it’s all the more compelling to hear it from those who left a place… and then came back.

Two, among many, so-called ‘boomerang employees’ are Julie Kehoe and Tracy Rowan.

Tracy worked at Elavon Europe for 16 years before leaving to another well-known financial company but, after two and a half years away, came back to the company’s European headquarters in Dublin’s Cherrywood. That was six years ago.

“We change a lot at Elavon, and we do change quickly. It can be exciting to be in the middle of that,” says Rowan. “I worked to a couple of different heads of credit and when another was coming in, I thought maybe it’s a sign I should try something different too. There was no major catalyst, it was more a kick up the backside for me.

“The other company was very settled. They had a process for everything but there was no deviating from that or room for change. And I realised I miss the people, the culture and the pace of work.”

There is such a good support structure and a body of knowledge and expertise.

Julie Kehoe

Trusted and respected

“Here, you can see something and decide you don’t like the way it is. You can take ownership to build a better system,” says Rowan. “It’s a reflection that you know what you’re talking about and they respect that.”

Julie worked for Elavon in Arklow for nine years, left for three and a half, and has been back now for seven months.

“One thing that hit me after I left is how stable and robust the company is,” says Kehoe. ”I feel we’re around for the long haul. There is such a good support structure and a body of knowledge and expertise that you just don’t get anywhere else.

“I get treated like an adult – given the space to do what I need to do and the trust and respect to get on with it. I love that,” she adds.

“The freedom to be able to work from home a bit and work in the office is great. On top, the healthcare and pension are fantastic. You just don’t get that in rural Ireland without having to commute to Dublin.”

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