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Róisín Wallace

Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, Viatris

A global healthcare company operating through its crucial Irish hubs is at the centre of bringing access to medicine. 

In today’s world, it takes a significant amount of innovative thinking to deliver the right healthcare solutions to match patient needs. At Viatris, a global healthcare company, its commitment doesn’t stop at manufacturing high-quality medicines, it extends to its Global Device Development group based in Dublin. This dynamic team has the responsibility for end-to-end development and commercialisation for device and combination products, including pens and auto-injectors, inhalers, as well as complex and branded generic drugs.  

Device technology solutions 

The device development organisation is a growing team focused on the design, usability, engineering, verification and commercialisation of a diverse portfolio of device technology solutions. Progressive thinking and deep-level engagement are core qualities in developing device technologies, considering the complexities involved.  

Róisín Wallace, who established the Device unit at Mylan and based on its success, has recently stepped up to lead Global Regulatory Affairs at Viatris, says: “When looking at bringing complex products to the market — whether with challenges from socioeconomic, patents or regulatory — we continually have patient needs at the forefront of our mind. Our development process includes talking to patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to ensure our devices are accessible to patients for safe and effective use.” 

Combining generics and brands 

Viatris may be just two-and-a-half years old, but its ‘legacy’ companies span over a century and together have formed a unique platform to deliver for patients. The company was formed to bridge the traditional divide between generic and branded medicine, combining the best of both, to more holistically address healthcare needs globally.  

One unique feature of the company’s Irish workforce is the linkage between R&D and manufacturing, such as new device development supporting the new establishments of the Respiratory facility in Dublin and complex injectable drug-device products – a prime focus for the Galway plant. 

Its in-country presence extends to manufacturing in Cork (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and Dublin (oral solid dose), as well as Dublin-based operations and commercial hubs where several global leaders reside. 

All four Ireland sites are no more than
three hours apart, meaning we can quickly
connect, voice the needs of patients and
contribute decisions that address healthcare
needs locally and around the world.

Patient reach serves local and global 

Behind an extensive portfolio of products across a broad range of therapeutic areas, the organisation prides itself on delivering significant value to Health Service Executive (HSE) and for patients everywhere. The company is one of the leading suppliers of medicines in the Irish pharmaceutical market. 

“One benefit of having a large workforce in Ireland is our connectivity. For example, our global device and global supply teams are in the same building – and all four Ireland sites are no more than three hours apart, meaning we can quickly connect, voice the needs of patients and contribute decisions that address healthcare needs locally and around the world,” Wallace adds. 

Finding the right people for the job 

Wallace believes having diverse teams is essential to improving the health and wellbeing of the communities it serves. This means being able to work in an environment where your unique background and perspectives are valued. 

To that end, they value innovative skills and capabilities. “We hire and train, intentionally seeking out candidates who have the diverse capability and enthusiasm to contribute and make a difference. We are an organisation that thrives on teamwork and finding creative solutions to enhance patient access,” adds Wallace.  

Global impact leads to job satisfaction 

Working in a heavily regulated industry that serves patients could bring high pressures. Yet, the company stands firm on its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality, compliance, integrity and sustainability. 

Wallace wears the responsibility with pride, stating that job satisfaction is huge. “It’s very rewarding to build talented teams and devices right here in Ireland, with the responsibility and ability to design, develop and bring new products and bring them to patients globally.”  

Viatris’ mission is to empower people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life.
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