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Triona Dowd

Senior Finance Manager – ESG, Reckitt, First female Chair, Chartered Accountants Ireland London Society (2021 – 2023), Trustee of the Irish Youth Foundation (UK), Chair of the Development Committee, ICAP (Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Triona Dowd, Senior Finance Manager – ESG at Reckitt, shares how her chartered accountancy qualification brought her to London and was key to unlocking her potential, advancing her career and making an impact.

From an early age, I’ve always had an interest in business. My first taste of stocks and shares came in the form of the market price for livestock. I grew up in Cloghane, just outside Dingle.

I would go to Dingle Mart with my father and hear people discuss whether a neighbour overpaid or got a good deal. My commercial interest grew from there and led me to training with Ormsby and Rhodes, a medium-sized firm in Dublin. There, I learned to transform a box of receipts into a set of financial statements — that financial grounding is key. What matters to every business is the story behind the numbers.

Dynamic chartered accountancy environment

My dyslexia was less recognised in the 80s, but I always knew I had it. I chose Chartered Accountancy as a profession with high standards; I needed to prove myself. Since moving to London, I have worked for Reckitt (makers of Dettol, Lemsip, Nurofen, etc.).

I love the pace. I love seeing the full supply chain, walking the factory floor, meeting distributors, visiting retail stores and collaborating with our sales and marketing teams. I am constantly learning. 

My qualification has allowed me to evolve my experience, and I am excited for my new role as Senior Finance Manager – ESG (Environment, Social and Governance). It means working across all our teams to embed Reckitt’s ambitious sustainability goals into the business and ensure long-term sustainable growth and tangible change.

Accountancy is a broad term, covering many diverse
roles. It gives you a great business grounding.

Advice to the next generation

Accountancy is a broad term, covering many diverse roles. It gives you a great business grounding. Build your network in the areas you’re drawn to, and speak to interesting people about their experiences. Working lives span over 40 years, so focus on quality and excellence, and always stay open to opportunities. Then, when they come along — and they will — you will be ready to respond and enjoy the journey.

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