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Case study – sustainability in action

Image provided by Nestlé

Kieran Conroy

Country Manager, Nestlé Ireland

In Ireland, it is estimated more than one million tonnes of food is wasted annually.

Since 2017, Nestlé has partnered with FoodCloud to ensure that surplus food has been successfully redistributed to those in need. It is the only food supplier to provide all its surplus food to FoodCloud while also making a per-pallet financial contribution to assist the enterprise organisation be self-sustaining.

In the wake of COVID-19, FoodCloud fielded increased requests of up to 150% from foodbanks around the country. In response Nestlé significantly increased its contribution, providing a record amount of stock – both surplus and non-surplus – as well as a financial contribution of more than €110,000 to specifically assist families experiencing food poverty. By the end of 2020, it had donated more than 123,000 meals to FoodCloud since 2017, saving a total of 165.8 tonnes of CO2 in the process.

Nestlé was the first major global confectionery brand to commit to sustainable packaging.

Commitment to sustainable packaging

Reflecting energy and ambition, Nestlé was the first major global confectionery brand to commit to sustainable packaging by moving its iconic Smarties brand to 100% sustainably sourced and recyclable packaging earlier this year. Globally, 100% recyclable packing has replaced an estimated 250 million non-recyclable plastic packs annually, as well as taking 38 million plastic lids and stickers out of production.

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