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Michael Teehan

Vice President and Head of Integrated Manufacturing, Alexion

Bryan Mulchinock

Director of EHS, Alexion

Passion for the environment fuels the work of the environmental, health and safety (EHS) team within Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease.

“This team’s commitment to continuously evaluating and reducing our environmental footprint is definitely infectious,” says Michael Teehan, Vice President and Head of Integrated Manufacturing for Alexion. “They have taken some great ideas on sustainability and made them a reality.”

The team, which has decades of experience between them, works closely together, across continents, to develop and execute practical strategies that advance the company’s commitment to be good stewards of the planet.

Tackling tough sustainability challenges

“By day, this team tackles some of the most complex challenges that impact the company’s environmental footprint and safety concerns. However, they also take some basic sustainability concepts and help to implement them across the entire organisation,” Teehan adds.

“For more than six years, the team has been educating their colleagues across the globe on simple steps that have big impacts,” says Bryan Mulchinock, Director of EHS at Alexion.

“At our sites, we run events that focus on different elements of the environment and sustainability such as awareness days on waste disposal, recycling and local biodiversity.

“It’s great to see how employees engage with these events that help promote and reinforce new behaviours in one another,” Mulchinock adds.

“We try to keep it simple and promote small changes that are applicable at work and home, like turning off devices to reduce energy use, proper segregation of waste to promote recycling and recovery, planting wildflowers at the sites and providing seeds to employees to plant in their own gardens to support biodiversity and pollinators.”

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