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Brendan Almack

Managing Director, Wolfgang Digital 

There are four digital marketing growth strategies that every retailer should be using this Christmas, according to industry experts.

Many retailers will agree that sales performance over the next few months is critical to success. There’s a quote attributed to Warren Buffet that I love: “Only when the tide goes out do you learn who has been swimming naked.” The Christmas period does exactly that. Retailers that think long-term will reap the rewards of their hard work. At Wolfgang, our retailer experts have compiled four key strategies and tactics that retailers can action now to set them up for online revenue. 

Integrate your customer data 

This is an absolute must. Whether you’re using Google Ads, Instagram or TikTok to reach customers, each of these platforms has automated campaign types that use machine learning to serve your ads to the most relevant shoppers. 

For you to have a competitive advantage here, you need to feed that machine with highly relevant information about your business, so it can make better decisions for you vs. your competitors. A great starting point is to overlay your customer data (CRM data) across the platforms you are using. You’ll get more relevant traffic to your website that converts more efficiently.  

Optimise for new customers 

What retailer doesn’t want to maximise the impact of their advertising spend over the next few months? A great way to do this is to focus on new customer acquisition. This allows you to grow your market share.  
Following our first piece of advice can help you do this when combined with the new customer acquisition campaigns available on Google Ads and Meta.  

Understand real-time trends
throughout the Christmas period.

Know what’s trending  

Understand real-time trends throughout the Christmas period. At Wolfgang, we’re big fans of the insights you can glean from TikTok Keyword Insights and Pinterest Trends reports. It allows us to see products or categories that are growing in popularity. This information can then be used by relevant retailers to help maximise their coverage in these areas and piggyback on the trending topics.  

Set yourself up for 2024 

The smartest retailers will be thinking beyond the Christmas period. There’s no better time to acquire new customers, but you can extend the value of this effort by thinking about how to reactivate these customers next year. Capturing first-party data and growing your CRM throughout the period will allow you to use email marketing and other reactivation strategies in 2024.  

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