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Kevin Swift

Regional Coordinator, Connacht Ulster Regional Waste Office

Transform waste management with Ireland’s free toolkit for businesses. Access signage, training and resources to improve recycling and support sustainability.

A recent waste characterisation study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) underscores the urgency of transforming waste management practices across Ireland. The study revealed that over 70% of waste in general commercial bins could have been placed in recycling or food waste bins. The top offenders — food waste, paper and plastics — highlight a critical area for improvement in commercial waste management.

Recycling toolkit for businesses

MyWaste, an official government-funded initiative, offers a free and extensive toolkit with signage and training materials to help workforces make accurate recycling decisions. Proper separation of recyclables and food waste ensures that materials are processed correctly, supporting Ireland’s transition to a circular economy.

Representing the Regional Waste Management Planning Offices, Kevin Swift, Connacht Ulster Region Waste Office, says: “This initiative will empower small and medium-sized businesses, particularly those in retail, hospitality, manufacturing and corporate sectors, to further improve how their waste is managed. The clear language and visuals in the materials will enable staff to quickly understand correct waste segregation, significantly boosting the diversion of recyclables and food waste from general bins.”

Free waste management resources

The Commercial Waste toolkit includes free assets such as posters, bin labels, brochures, checklists, training animations and testimonials. These resources are designed to facilitate easy implementation and promote continuous improvement in waste management practices. Tips for maximising recycling effectiveness include visual bin checks, colour-coding bins, strategically placing bins in accessible locations and ongoing workforce education.

Over 70% of waste in general
commercial bins could have been
placed in recycling or food waste bins.

Enhanced waste regulations

Further supporting this initiative are the Waste Management (Collection Permit) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2023. It includes the following measures for waste collection companies:

  • All waste collection companies are required to provide a residual, mixed dry recyclable and food waste bin to their commercial customers.
  • Waste collection companies must ensure that all business customers are placed onto a price plan that ensures that the cost to the customer for mixed dry recyclable or food waste is less than the cost of disposal for municipal waste.
  • All waste collected must be weighed, with details on the weights of the individual bins communicated to customers.
  • Waste collection companies will be required to at least collect the recyclable waste materials as specified on
  • Collection of recyclable waste and food waste must occur at least fortnightly.

Together, these measures and the comprehensive toolkit can improve waste segregation, foster environmental sustainability and advance Ireland’s journey towards a more circular economy.

For additional information and resources, businesses are encouraged to visit or contact directly.

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