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Donal Murphy

Managing Director, Bluestone Motor Finance

Liz McNab

Head of Lending, Bluestone Motor Finance

Stacey O’Connor

Head of Marketing, Bluestone Motor Finance

In a society that increasingly values conscious action, diversity has grown in importance for businesses.

Donal Murphy, Managing Director of fast-growing entrepreneurial business Bluestone Motor Finance, highlights the importance of prioritising diversity and inclusion in recruiting quality people to support the business’ growth.

Diversity to attract new talent

Murphy states, “I cannot understate the value we have gained from creating an inclusive environment from day one. Gender diversity is a natural part of our business, and while I can point to a split of 50/50 in gender representation across our senior leadership team, diversity for us is more than policies, programs or headcount. We aim to be truly inclusive, regardless of gender, age, disability, race, religion or sexual orientation. At Bluestone, everyone is welcome.”

Female-dominated automotive finance

Across financial services, 24% of business leaders identify as female. Representation falls under 10% in the automotive industry. At Bluestone, that number is 50%.

Liz McNab, Head of Lending, points to the importance of culture: “As a young company, we have not had to break down the type of barriers that I have experienced in established businesses. It is an advantage that means there are no glass ceilings for women to make their mark and succeed.”

Our inclusive approach means that everyone knows they can thrive and contribute to our success.

Stacey O’Connor

A winning mentality for all

Head of Marketing, Stacey O’Connor highlights another cultural cue: the importance of a winning mentality.

“Our inclusive approach means that everyone knows they can thrive and contribute to our success. In doing so, they can develop their skills and careers. I actively support the importance of promoting a winning mentality for all and the momentum it can create for people to realise their full potential.”

Being conscious of ‘unconscious bias’

Murphy concludes, “In promoting the importance of diversity and inclusion, I appreciate the risk of unconscious bias and how it can stifle peoples’ potentials. We seek to be consciously competent in recognising such biases as a potentially limiting factor. This simple step continues to be a powerful tool in helping us be the best we can, individually and collectively.”

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