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Catherine O’Doherty

Managing Director, Sia Partners

Now, more than ever, organisations and leaders are navigating uncharted territory. So how can we equip organisations, our people and ourselves to thrive in a volatile environment requiring constant change?

At Sia Partners, we are committed to the development of women in leadership roles and have proudly sponsored the Irish Sailing Sia Partners Women at the Helm for the second time this year, championing female crews and skippers at the helm. The following are our key tips for delivering real change:

Do not underestimate the power of culture

Support and buy-in from the outset are critical to creating a positive change experience for your people. Identify and leverage the aspects of your culture that will build curiosity and support about the future direction. Identify the traits within your culture that may hinder progress, and listen to your people’s concerns. Use this information to build a people and culture strategy that will bolster your transformation programme and help you achieve the agility that organisations need today.

Invest in your people

Change takes energy, and people across the organisation must be equipped with the tools and knowledge to feel like they are part of the change and play a role in it. Change is an opportunity for people to upskill and gain new experience; invest in this appropriately, and you will have the capability you need for the future, along with a motivated and engaged workforce.

Communicate consistently:

Progress will ebb and flow, but authentic and transparent communication is a necessity to sustain integrity and belief in change through challenging times. Things won’t always go to plan, but continue to be reliable and honest in how you communicate to ensure you don’t lose support.

Invest in yourself:

Transformation and change are complex and multi-faceted. Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with the right capacity and capability. Seek support from people who understand large-scale change and have navigated these waters successfully. Their learnings will help you avoid the most common pitfalls and help you achieve your programme goals.

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