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Edel Kelly

Sr. Development Manager, Genesys

Since graduating from university in 1999, Edel Kelly has been working in software development and now works at a global leader in cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions.

During my career, I have designed applications for multinational companies. I am now responsible for leading a team of talented engineers. We are developing software that is transforming the experiences consumers have when they connect with their favourite brands through artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies.

A career in software engineering will provide individuals with high levels of job satisfaction and is suitable to those who enjoy problem solving and creativity. There may be a misconception that a career in software engineering suits men better. If my 20-year career in the industry has taught me anything, it is that it is suitable for everyone and needs more female participation. It is important for women to influence change in the industry and take part in designing and building new technology innovations. 

A range of options for careers in technology

There are a variety of roles in technology, making it a rich and varied career option. Software engineering has evolved over the years and covers topics from user experience design to development. It is a collaborative discipline that will see people with skills in coding, design and data analysis create the next generation of business applications, or the next big social networking application. The sky really is the limit.

Those considering courses in computer science can look forward to a rewarding career upon graduation. Whether the goal is to stay closer to home or have an international career, software engineering is one that can fulfil these objectives. In the IT industry, there is a lot of change and every day I continue to learn and grow my skillset.

Companies, such as Genesys are seeing continued growth, in Ireland the company is aiming to have 300 staff by the end of 2022. For graduates, and women in particular, the opportunity to design and build the next generation innovations in AI that transform customer experiences is here and one that will lead to a rewarding and prosperous career.

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