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Annie Hennelly

Enterprise Security Services, Cybersecurity & Digital Risk Management,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ray McGann

Managing Director Ireland, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Growing its security footprint in Ireland, a provider of intelligent solutions and cloud-based services is committed to recruiting and upskilling cybersecurity talent.

During its transformation as a global edge-to-cloud company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has continued to expand and evolve its security functions and offerings to ensure that customers, partners and their data stay protected.

Prepared cybersecurity talent 

Ireland’s contribution is critical to the company’s security, with the largest hub of both physical security and cybersecurity and digital risk management (CDRM) professionals globally sitting in Galway, supported by global business resilience and continuity management experts in Leixlip.

The team of over 50 experts manages the implementation of world-class cyber detection and response capabilities, robust business resilience and continuity management processes, ensuring that the company is prepared to respond to any kind of threats or attacks, including data and physical security breaches and geopolitical threats.

Tailored course content 

The key to success is the talent HPE has attracted and nurtured throughout the years, actively recruiting candidates with a keen interest in cybersecurity — who may not already have relevant qualifications.

Candidates are given the opportunity to do a relevant master’s degree in partnership with the Springboard initiative. At the same time, the company is working closely with multiple higher-education institutions, helping them create and tailor course content for practical application in the industry.

Anyone with passion and determination can be successful in cybersecurity.

Practical cybersecurity education 

Initiatives focusing on cybersecurity education have been extremely successful, with senior members joining forces with academic teaching staff, blending academia and industry and giving future cyber graduates a taste of what security looks like in an enterprise setting.

Programmes — like the ‘returnship’ programme, which encourages people who have taken a career break or time off to raise a family to return to the workforce, and the ‘reboot programme’ which provides training for lateral entrants in an array of security disciplines — remove barriers to entry for people wishing to kick-off their cybersecurity career.

“Initiatives like these are pivotal for us and will become imperative as we, as an industry, are facing an increasing skill gap,” explains Ray McGann, managing director, HPE Ireland.

“We need to actively invest in building our national pipeline through STEM programmes and involvement in school systems, encouraging future talent — especially young girls — awakening their interest and passion for the topic. I am proud of the success we see, especially the Ireland team’s work with local partner schools, showcasing opportunities the cybersecurity profession offers. Our message to everyone interested in working in the field is: Anyone with passion and determination can be successful in cybersecurity. Don’t let a lack of experience or qualifications deter you.” 

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