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Senan Finucane

Co-Founder and CTO, Nostra

In the manufacturing sector, one significant challenge is the prevalence of older servers and hardware, which can become substantial cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

We ensure full protection of your manufacturing environment by focusing on often-overlooked areas in cyber resiliency. This commitment to security becomes even more crucial in light of recent research from industry leaders, which highlights the susceptibility of operational technology assets to attacks.

Cybersecurity tackling the risks of outdated infrastructure

Operational technology assets, crucial in manufacturing, are now among the most targeted by cyberattacks. Assets, including engineering workstations and SCADA servers, are prime targets due to their expansive attack surface and known weaponised CVEs. We prioritise the modernisation and security of these legacy systems, ensuring they are not the weak links in our clients’ cybersecurity armour.

Security and storage in simplifying deployment and integration

We prioritise robust and scalable storage capacities that align with the operational demands of modern manufacturing, enabling quick and informed decisions across all levels. This approach is vital for managing the data generated in operational technology (OT) environments, which are increasingly complex and susceptible to cyber threats.

Scaling manufacturing resilience with embedded cybersecurity

As manufacturing capabilities expand, especially in OT environments, embedding rigorous cybersecurity measures becomes imperative. This need is underscored by the rising threat to assets like engineering workstations and PLCs. Dell’s end-to-end security portfolio allows us to provide cyber resiliency across IT and OT environments when developing our customers’ 4.0 projects.

Operational technology assets, crucial in
manufacturing, are now among the
most targeted by cyberattacks.

As a Gold partner, Nostra has a team of highly skilled professionals, experienced in a wide range of products, from servers and storage, converged and HCI, to data protection, networking and cloud integration. Our close working partnership and extensive data centre experience enable us to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Peace of mind for business leaders

We aim to provide business leaders with peace of mind, knowing their manufacturing environment is secure against cyber threats. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from the protection of legacy systems to the implementation of robust cybersecurity measures for modern OT assets. By partnering with Dell Technologies, we can deliver robust infrastructure, through secure supply chains, with air-gapped data protection to ensure production lines stay online.

Pioneering a secure, efficient future in manufacturing

Our focus extends to PLC security, safeguarding critical infrastructure and implementing robust measures against a variety of cyber threats. With our global presence and commitment to security, we drive the manufacturing industry towards a future where operational excellence and cybersecurity are inextricably linked. Since our inception in 2006, we have established ourselves as Ireland’s leading IT company, with a global presence across Ireland, the UK, Bulgaria and South Africa. Our team of 250 dedicated professionals brings a wealth of experience in industrial cybersecurity and operational technology, forming the foundation of our approach to secure smart manufacturing.

Collaborating to shape the present and advance manufacturing

In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, the strategic collaboration between Dell Technologies and Nostra emerges as a powerful catalyst, propelling the industry toward heightened security, innovation and operational efficiency. This partnership is not just a transaction; it’s a testament to the shared vision of both entities in revolutionising manufacturing environments.

State-of-the-art storage solutions play a pivotal role in this narrative, seamlessly integrated into the OT landscape by Nostra. Together, we navigate the complexities of modern manufacturing, addressing challenges and fortifying systems against cybersecurity threats with a focus that goes beyond conventional business collaborations.

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