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Pardgroup is an international company with Italian DNA that guarantees all customers a global and multi-channel approach to retail, with an increasing focus on sustainability.

With many years of experience in the sales industry, we offer premium services in the retail world, managing the entire process of in-store activities. We cover everything from design, production and installation of storefronts, pop-ups, point of purchase (POP) materials and display structures to field marketing and promotional services (online and offline).

Project promoting sustainability in retail

Sustainability is one of our core values. We constantly aim to achieve our goals by partnering with certified suppliers and choosing recyclable and eco-friendly materials. Every year at Pardgroup, we dispose of more than 180 tonnes of dismissed material, previously used in shop fittings, windows and point of sale (POS) displays.

Now, our Sustainability Project is giving a second life to discarded materials — thanks to the support of our worldwide network of associations and academic partners — in cooperation with participating brands. The idea is straightforward: upcycle the unnecessary; combine creativity, sustainability and social utility in favour of a circular economy.

Working with brands and academia

By adhering to the Sustainability Project, brands have the chance to donate their materials to our worldwide network of partner charities and nonprofit organisations. We also offer brands the opportunity to partner with an artist or a sustainability influencer to increase the visibility of their project and to share their environmental vision.

In collaboration with our academic partners, we can recycle discarded retail materials in a creative and innovative way while supporting academia by taking part in workshops and school exchanges. This can inspire retail or visual merchandising students to consider more eco-friendly design options. Considered beneficial by our academic partners, it allows them to embrace all the opportunities and advantages of an open innovation approach by challenging and stimulating students’ talent.

Positive impact on the community

Many associations we collaborate with are particularly active in suburban city areas. They focus their activities to support these communities while aiming to foster inclusion, involvement and education. One of our latest sustainable projects led to the construction of street furniture elements that were located in peripheral neighbourhoods.

The Sustainability Project is not only an initiative that respects the environment — it’s a real philosophy that creates social and educational value by encouraging young talents and stimulating their creativity. It is an asset to the community that contributes to the urban suburbs’ redevelopment. The future is sustainability, so let’s act now.

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